We aim to provide businesses a clear picture of financial position, advice on income & expenditure management through preparation of management accounts on regular intervals that will help the businesses in effective decision making, forecasting and planning. We endeavor to deliver quality services to our clients dealing in all type of businesses,across the world, at reasonable cost.

Preparation and management of business accounts is a significant business aspect and it plays a vital role in making the business profitable and successful. Preparation and analysis of accounts on regular basis will benefit in the following:

  • +Effective Planning
    Weekly, Fortnightly or monthly preparation of management accounts helps in forecasting cash flows, budgeting, in-depth analysis, decision making and planning the business activities
  • +Identify early signs of problems
    Business constraints can be identified at earlier stage to overcome the problems to avoid future losses
  • +Strategic Management
    Helps in making the decision about product/services extension or sales strategy modification

Management services offered:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Control Accounts Reconciliation
  • Preparation of working papers – To exhibit the clear business picture
  • Tax Planning
  • Income/Expenditure Analysis
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Profit and loss statement analysis
  • Cashflow Management and Forecasting
  • Cloud Software integration
  • Payroll management