Data Security

We follow strict protocols and processes to implement physical as well as IT related aspects of data security.

We believe in building and maintaining client trust, professionalism, business relationship through maintaining confidentially and giving the assurance on data security. Moving your accounting to DollarsandCent reduces the risk and allows for greater internal controls. We take all the possible safeguard to protect your data. All of your information will be safe and secured and accessible only by the approved team members.

We are GDPR Compliant and Adhere to Best Practices for Information Security Management

Infrastructure Security

  • We’ve setup a sophisticated infrastructure to combat risks linked to cyber security and ensure your data is safe at all times.
  • Active Surveillance using CCTV cameras deployed to monitor and secure our workplace
  • Biometric access control system are installed at every entrance to allow only controlled entry to all premises
  • Desktops and Laptops are locked to the Workstations
  • We have disabled CD/DVD drives, USB ports on all Desktops and Laptops
  • Networking devices are secured with restricted access

IT Security

  • All systems have the latest version of Anti-virus & Anti-malware software are installed and configured to run scans daily.
  • The network is protected with firewall software
  • All Desktops and Laptops are password protected and we enforce to have them changed every 40 days.
  • Auto lock is enabled on all systems when there is no activity for more than 5 minutes
  • Data security policies are adhered at every level of our organisation.
  • Client data is handled with restricted access and with authorised users only.
  • We’ve policies to manage user accounts in case of separation or deactivation
  • We have logging and monitoring enabled on all workstations and servers.
  • All systems are in compliance to our password policy, all stakeholders need to comply in setting strong passwords for their accounts
  • In an event where the user enters incorrect credentials for more than 3 times the account is locked.
  • To prevent data loss, we’ve scheduled Backups that take place at different intervals. We’ve Daily incremental backup, weekly differential backup and monthly full backup
  • We have enabled restricted access to browse the internet and do not allow access to any personal emails from our workstations.


  • Our employees are trained and understand the importance of Data security and confidentiality
  • Data within Dollars & Cent is handled with utmost sensitivity. We enforce stringent policies and processes to handle data. Once the task is delivered to the client, data raw or processed in all forms will be destroyed.
  • We employ only the best. All our staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Our staff are certified on various accounting softwares and are experts in Accountancy and Taxations (US, Canada, UK, UAE, AUS & NZ)
  • All employees at Dollars & Cent sign a non disclosure agreement and non competing agreement
  • None of the stakeholders are allowed to disclose any information about our Clients without prior consent from the client