``Increase Your Sophistication With Advisory Automation``

Advisory services typically require analyzing data and using professional judgment to provide advice to various stakeholders.
Examples of advisory services are:

  • Forecasting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Planning

Previously, offering these services has been quite labor-intensive. We believe that sophisticated levels of automation can reduce the time it takes to perform this work.


COVID-19 Pushes Cash Flow Automation to Forefront.
Due to COVID-19 hitting the economy hard; more and more businesses are looking for help with cash flow planning. Hence, we provide you with the perfect opportunity to leverage accounting automation in the cash flow forecasting space.

Automating Short-Term Cash Flow Planning

Short-term cash flow planning automation can be done through cloud accounting systems like Xero & QuickBooks Online.
For example, looking at historical information, Xero has a new feature called ``Short-Term Cash Flow`` which automatically projects bank balances 30 days into the future. It also provides suggested actions to help improve your cash flow projection and its accuracy.

Cloud Accounting Xero Dollars and Cent

Automating Long-Term Cash Flow Planning

By connecting to Xero & QuickBooks Online, we will pull in your financial data to either:
1. Automatically extrapolate the data itself to build a cash flow forecast.
2. Let you forecast out the income & expenses yourself.
Additionally, the integration will pull in all A/R & A/P to let you indicate the payment dates to adjust the forecast.

Financial Modelling

Through the power of cloud accounting software with the below data, we can build sophisticated financial models quickly.

  • Previous financial information
  • Salaries and the corresponding breakdowns per employee
  • Upcoming sales pipeline

One such example is with a financial planning & analytics app called Jirav which helps automate the financial modeling process.

It can integrate with many other data points such as Gusto, Xero, QuickBooks, to extract information into the system:


With Salesforce integration we can pull in:
1. Sales pipeline to model out revenues.
2. Xero/QBO integration you can pull in actuals.

These will help us to automatically generate your Financial Model


Business Planning

Automating your Financial Modelling & Forecasting data will help you Plan your business activities such as Sales & Marketing, Operations, Services and Products, more efficiently